Lactation: On Demand LLC

A Gentle Philosophy

I believe new parents know more than they realize.  That warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you look at your baby is there for a reason—-to guide you. A baby’s instinct is to survive and a mother’s instinct is to hold and attend to her baby. Our society has strayed from this type of attentive parenting to that of trying to fit babies into our adult world. One problem—-a baby is not yet equipped to regulate their emotions or soothe themselves.  They need to learn the world from the safe haven of a caregiver’s arms. Being close and feeling secure promotes neurological development by decreasing stress.

How often do we hear this from the well-intentioned:  “Put that baby on a schedule” or “That baby is just feeding for comfort” or “Your baby is using you as a pacifier”.  All of these things go against our instincts but we give in because “I’m a new parent and I’m unsure of myself”.  Don’t these pieces of advice go against our instincts?  Why are we trying to extinguish our baby’s instinct for survival?

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

My practice is different. Instead of trying to make a baby mold into an adult world, why not learn what your baby needs according to their development stage?  In your journey with me, you will learn what their behaviors mean and how to meet their needs. 
In your journey with me, you will learn what gentle, attentive parenting looks like for you in your unique situation. You will learn that babies do not know or follow a schedule. Do babies feed for comfort?  Absolutely. Just like we might have a piece of chocolate and need a hug?  Does a baby use their mother as a pacifier?  Nope, pacifiers were invented to soothe a baby in her place.  Babies can be overstimulated and go through development leaps/growth spurts and need extra understanding.

Isn’t our goal of parents to understand our children and help them develop and thrive?  I can help you do so with confidence.