From Siena W.:

"I want to thank you for all of your knowledge.  I wouldn’t still be breastfeeding without you. You saved our breastfeeding relationship! "

From Kadia L.:

"I loved all of your tips and tricks and how you taught me. I was surprised how a telehealth appointment is great for me to learn hands on. Your funny and relaxed way was a blessing. Thank you!"


From Taylor R.:

"From the first latch, I knew something was wrong. It felt like biting. After discharge I had a virtual appointment with Mary and she saw that the baby’s tongue wasn’t able to move like it should. She referred me to a pediatric dentist who diagnosed tongue tie and did a laser procedure. When I had my follow up appointment [with Mary] she helped me position and latch the baby comfortably. Such relief!  She also showed me what to do so the area doesn’t reattach. I am so thankful and highly recommend her!"