Reasons to See a Lactation Consultant

Reasons to see a lactation consultant BEFORE baby is born

(between weeks 30-36)

  • History of fertility problems (this pregnancy or past)
  • Breasts haven’t increased in size in this pregnancy 
  • Flat or inverted nipples
  • Breasts are uneven in size or shape
  • Breasts not typical rounded shape regardless of size
  • Previous breast or chest surgery including breast implants, reduction, nipple piercings
  • History of late onset of first period (14 years or older)
  • History of eating disorder anxiety and/or depression 
  • History of previous breastfeeding difficulties 
  • Relactation or inducing lactation for adoption


Reasons to see a lactation consultant AFTER the baby is born

  • Painful breastfeeding or between feeds
  • Damaged nipples (bleeding, bruising, blistered, cracked, chapped, etc)
  • Baby “pops off” easily or frequently 
  • Baby nurses for long periods (45 minutes or more)
  • Weight loss in baby
  • Slow weight gain
  • Baby spits up forcefully, is irritable or gassy
  • Baby has pooping issues like green frothy stools
  • Mom wants reassurance and information 
  • Mom is concerned about having “too much milk” or forceful letdown
  • Mom has questions about herbs or medications while breastfeeding 
  • Twins or more